Conversational Leadership

Leveraging the power of conversation to build a world class culture and generate worldwide support.

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We have put together an hour long training on how to ensure you get the ROI you want from every "presentation and conversation you have no matter the audience or the setting. 

We cover the Message Blueprint, the Message Portfolio and the connection triangle, all of which are mandatory for being able to achieve the ROI you want.

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Learn the types of message portfolio so you can effectively achieve ROI from every presentation and conversation.

Meet The Heroic Voice Team

World Class Communications Training Experts

We Believe that the world needs more Heroic Voices to create positive global impact. Voices who can powerfully communicate their values, vision and vows. Voices who are able to speak with precision, emotion, and connection.

We are committed to helping you develop advanced communication skills that allow you to compose powerful messages and deliver captivating presentations. Presentations that generate more money, more support, and more awareness.

The team is made up of College Professors, International Speakers, Best Selling Authors, Start-up Experts, Healers, Event Production Experts, etc. They bring their collective genius to helping you get your, and your company's, message out to the world.

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Featured Programs

Heroic Voice Online Academy

Learn the entire Heroic Voice Training Program through this online training platform

This online training includes over 100 micro learning to help ensure you understand the communication triangle and all of the relevant skills to ensure you build a world class culture and get worldwide support. This is world class communication training everyone can use for greater success.

This is the perfect place for new entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and new hires at companies to start their communication excellence journey


Be Heroic Now

The two day live events are a crash course in effective communication skills.

During these these live events you will either focus on developing world class culture for your organization or company or you will develop the skills to give the 5 types of presentations that generate worldwide support.

This is where you need to be if you have upcoming presentation you will be giving, or have new leadership responsibilities within your company.


Presentation ROI Mastermind

Join a small group of 2-4 other people as out world class coaches take you through this 3 month mastermind program.

We ensure you have everything you need to effectively communicate the communication triangle, spending 2 months on each of the legs of the triangle to develop expertise in all facets of effective communication.

Looking to accelerate your communication skills and expertise, this is the most direct and hands on training we offer here at Heroic Voice Academy.


Heroic Voice

If you are part of a start-up looking to get to the next level, our Start-up training programs are for you.

At Heroic Voice we use our expertise in every stage of the start-up journey to train executives and team leads at start-ups to build world class culture and gain worldwide support by applying the communication triangle to the the world of start-ups, start-up funding, etc.


Featured Partnerships

Foundation of Job Search Success

A specialized training helping those looking for jobs in the tech industry in the San Francisco Area

We worked with Albert of Alberts list to create a unique training for people looking for jobs in the silicon valley tech world. Albert's List is the largest Social Media group for job seekers and hiring managers pairing the right people with the right positions. We created this training to help new members of his list to achieve greater success.

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Access the booklet that walks you through our process for helping people become world class at conversational leadership.


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